Silca Centennial Anniversary HX-ONE Home Essential Kit

Silca Centennial Anniversary HX-ONE Home Essential Kit
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Join us in celebrating a century of bicycle toolmaking with this limited edition Anniversary HX-ONE tool kit. These are the same tools that made our HX-ONE kit 'cycling gift of the year' according to many publications but as with anything we do at SILCA, the beauty here lies in the details.

Forged from S2 Steel, the keys are coated with a thin-dense chrome which provides a hard and durable finish. We then finish the process by spraying each key with a high-grip textured SILCA red polymer for maximum grip and control.

For this limited edition anniversary run, we've selected the heartwood of the American Walnut tree for the box. The heartwood of these trees can range from a lighter pale brown to a chocholate brown with dark streaks making each box is different from the next. Additionally, this highly-prized wood is also valued for it's longevity, durability and aesthetic characteristics which make it the perfect choice for such an occasion.

The finishing touch on this anniversary set is our centennial logo which adorns the top of the box. The logo is made of 304 Stainless Steel which is then painted by hand in order to get the colors and effect just right.

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