Nutritional Supplements

Sports supplements have been used in various guises for many decades by athletes and bodybuilders. Even as early as the 1940s research indicated that supplemental protein could increase muscle mass if used by strength training athletes. However the last decade has seen the evolution of a multi million pound, international industry.

As the industry has grown, the products have become more advanced and the scientific scrutiny and testing has increased. It is fair to say that as the industry becomes more mainstream, the collective responsibility to ensure objective and concise information is readily available, increases.

Healthy Body

In their very broadest sense, sports nutrition products are designed to improve performance and help aid recovery from intense exercise. Many sports supplements are in fact food supplements which means that they provide nutrients that are found in everyday foods but in a concentrated form. For example, whey protein is exceptionally high in protein (typically 80%) and can provide the same levels of protein found in a chicken breast but without the inconvenience of having to prepare and cook it.

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As the name suggests, sports/food supplements should be complementary to a balanced diet. The majority of a person's nutrients should always come from a diet being rich in unprocessed foods, using supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps.