2020 Olympic Games - Track Cycling Equipment

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2020 Olympic Games - Track Cycling

Major technology changes for Tokyo 2020 saw a widespread move to carbon fibre chainrings following the award winning innovation in this area. The market leader in this area Digirit Carbon Track Chainring featured amongst the majority of Olympic medallists for the first time.

The use of CeramicSpeed UFO Drip Chain Treatment - 180ml on chains has now also become more or less a standard as the Ceramic treatment provides a smoother, faster frictionless chain movement. This ensure minimal power loss in the drivetrain. A ceramic treated Izumi V-Chain Super Tough Track Chain with EAI Gold Medal Pro Cog was the most common setup choice.

As the price of 3D Printing specialist equipment has reduced dramatically over the last few years there has been an increase in teams commissioning ‘made to measure’ aero bars and chainsets. Handlebars for the Team Pursuit are moulded to the shape of a riders optimal aerodynamic setup by in carbon by companies such as PentAxia, WattShop and Vorteq. There was even a few custom made Titanium setups by Bespoke and Bastion.

Skinsuit technology has also been more freely available to all nations, with rebranded custom Vorteq garments seeming to be the favourite of the majority. These skinsuits are aerodynamically moulded to a riders body shape to ensure the best possible fit.

The dramatic design concept of the Lotus Hope badged British setup didn’t appear to herald the advantages that the development budgets would expect. With the bike announced well in advance of the previously scheduled 2020 games it was perhaps surprising that rival manufacturers didn’t try to adopt some of the developments themselves in time for the 2021 event. Only the New Zealand Avanti had a similar style of rear end and it was the Argon 18 Electron Pro Track Cycling Frame that was by far the most successful frame. The Canadian manufacturer is now the choice of the majority of nations.

Mavic’s troubles over the last few years have resulted in serious production issues so there was a distinct lack of the iconic yellow logos in Tokyo. They did achieve success with a number of riders using unbranded Mavic iO Track Wheel for their front wheels, but the Campagnolo Ghibli Track Disc was the choice for the majority when it came to rear wheel. With some exciting developments, the French giant will surely be back to its dominating form in time for it’s home Olympiad in Paris 2024.

The new Vittoria Pista Oro was previously only available to the World Record smashing Olympic Team Pursuit Champions Italy, but it was made available for all in Tokyo and nearly every single rider chose this tyre.

And finally, helmets. It's all about the Lazer Victor Helmet which adorned in various national colours was at home on the heads of medal winners in both the sprint and endurance categories in additional to the Team Pursuit. The POC Cerebel Raceday Track Cycling Helmet was also very popular in all events with pursuit teams often seen adopting a mixed setup of Cerebels combined with the eye catching POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet. Even the British adopted this method despite their links with Lazer.

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