Track Cycling Training - 200m Time Trial

Everybody ride the 200m Time Trial differently, however as it is a timed event; performance at a certain level is a science and therefore you can easily make improvements to your performance with our simple guide 

Start/Three and a Half Laps to Go

You will be pushed off on the back straight (traditionally), ensure you are pushed with sufficient effort to allow you to reach the blue line without using any effort. As soon as the pusher lets you go, get out of the saddle and position yourself wherever you are comfortable on the track.

Three Laps to Go

When you reach the home straight, come out of bend four and move to the fence and start to navigate the velodrome here. Make use of the transitions between bends (turns), pedal easy all the time, using the exit bends (2 and 4) to build momentum down the straight that you can maintain through the banking.

Two Laps to Go

Keep as high as you can in the bends, maintaining speed up through the transitions whilst pressing down more in the home straight. As you are coming out of Bend 2 into the back straight, start your seated acceleration, as hard as possible into Bend 3, maintain to a quarter of the way into the banking.

On UK Indoor Velodrome, British Cycling have marked this point with black tape under the advertising boards for the GB Team, if you use a velodrome used by your national team look for similar secret training markers

At this point unleash your full-on seated acceleration, give it everything before out of the saddle coming out of the banking and further acceleration down the home straight.

One Lap to Go

Cut the corner down into bend one, leaving the top of the track when you cross the straight finish line, use the transition to bend one to sit down and move the the bottom of the track, pushing on again with seated acceleration to reach the 200m line. Continue round with another seated acceleration into bend three and hold on to the finish.

Track Cycling Technique Training - 200m Time Trial

Styles differ throughout professional riders so it's all about watching the various clips on YouTube etc and then practising.