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The pedigree of this Rotor Track Specific Crank 3D24 144BCD is unprecedented. The fifteen UCI elite world champion titles speak volumes for the quality of this product and the faith that professional athletes put in it.

This item has been replaced by Rotor ALDHU Track Cycling Crankset for 2019

This is unsurprising considering its bombproof construction from trinity drilling. This allows them to be unaffected by the forces transmitted through them and thus transfer all of your efforts into speed. The intelligent and CNC machined closed clamp concept (CCC) further aids this. These emerge from production in the closed position, which means they are only strained once for installation, whereas others that are produced open are permanently under strain once installed.

Rotor are all about solutions. They saw the issue of many bottom bracket systems so came up with Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB). With this you can install the 24 mm axle no matter what bike you have.

Another issue Rotor has overcome is that of balance. Twin Leg Concept (TLC) gives you the optimum in balanced cranksets. Furthermore, these cranks feature Appropriate Light Weight Material Application (ALMA) to keep them at a impressive 574 g (170 mm) considering the solidity of the design.

  • BCD: 144
  • Axle: UBB24 mm
  • New graphics
  • External bearings
  • Trinity drilling system
  • Closed clamp concept
  • Twin Leg Concept
  • Appropriate Light Weight Material Application (ALMA)
  • 100% CNC machined
  • Q factor: 147 mm
  • Aero spider
  • Weight: 574 g - 170 mm, 584 - 175mm

Includes - Crankset as pictured

Crank Size (Select via Menus): 165mm,  170mm, 172.5mm and 175mm 

Bottom Bracket
Bottom Bracket Size (Required/Not Included): - Rotor Track Cycling Bottom Bracket
Chainline: Standard 41.5mm Chainline

Chainring (Not Included)
Chainring Required BCD: 144BCD 


• 8mm Allen Key/Hex Tool Velodrome Shop Large Allen Key

• Anti-Seize Compound - Weldtite TF2 Lithium Grease

• Lubricant - Weldtite TF2 Teflon Grease

• Outboard Bottom Bracket Tool Velodrome Shop Hollowtech-GXP Bottom Bracket Tool

The following video is an excellent video from Park Tools showing the process of installing a Outboard Bottom Brackets and Chainsets on a Road Frame. The processes shown are identical to those used on a Track Frame, with the exception that you will not need a mallet to hammer the chainset into place, so the video is a very useful guide. Park Tools are listed here on our website

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