Rotor Track Cycling Chainring

Rotor Track Cycling Chainring
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Rotor Track Cycling Chainring. Rotor are most famous for their Q-Rings; a range of ultra-stiff and beautifully designed chainrings that disband the need for round chainrings due to their biomechanical illogicality. The Rotor 1/8" Inch Track Chainring BCD 144 has been tested and proven that their asymmetric shape reduces the loss of power transfer otherwise found in round chainrings.

The Rotor 1/8" Inch Track Chainring BCD 144 is light enough, yet stiff enough to fulfil the demands of the track cyclist and with a variety of chainring teeth to choose from between 47 and 56, your track ratio will be perfectly chosen for your next sprint.

  • Proven to reduce the loss of power transfer due to its asymmetric shape
  • Ultra-stiff and lightweight
  • Ideal to push your performance on the track to the next level
  • Choose from a range from 47-56 toothed chainrings

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